The Shortest Distance

I believe that the shortest distance to our goals is directly from where we stand today.

I also believe that all the attempts we make to try to work around this truth, only makes the journey to our goals longer.

photo credit:  AccuWeather

photo credit: AccuWeather

We were a skiing family growing up. Nearly every spring break deposited us at a ski resort in Colorado. Being the youngest of three meant that after a few requisite lessons, my time was spent chasing my older brothers down the hill. They were endlessly patient and supportive of me . . . even if my skills and speed were less developed.

Inevitably though, I'd find myself in rather awkward circumstances. Whether I was getting stuck in the deep powder of the trees, landing on my rear after another unsuccessful jump, or having to traverse a triple diamond just to get down the mountain before dark . . . in every situation it was clear that I was skiing outside my skill level.

Did I learn to be humble? Sure.
Did I learn that I'm rather brave? You bet.
But did I learn to become a better skier? Absolutely not.

Ironically, one of my ski instructors told my parents that if I lived closer, I had the makings to become an Olympian. I'm guessing he could see my steely-eyed fearlessness and athletic aptitude. Yet . . . even with that potential . . . even with many annual pilgrimages to those rocky slopes . . . I never became more than an average skier.

Why? Because I was never allowed the opportunity to just ski at my own level. Sure, I'd get to show off on an occasional blue hill . . . but most of the time I was working well beyond my ability.

It's probably no surprise that I don't miss skiing.

Where are you TODAY?
THAT is the important question.

Getting to where you want to go . . . that will come.
As long as you start where you are . . . you'll get there.

-Coach Rebecca

Rebecca Boskovic