Food Fitness

I recently listened to an interview with the father of CrossFit, Greg Glassman [listen to it here . . .]. In a free-style, kitchen table format, the owner of Catalyst Fitness (Ontario, Canada), Chris Cooper gleaned insight into what's on this fitness guru's mind.

The answer: Fitness

When Glassman spoke of Fitness, he wasn't referring to exercise (which is ironic considering he launched the biggest exercise industry movement of this century).

Instead, with the term Fitness, he was pointing to an even deeper level of health  . . . which begins at the CrossFit pyramid foundation. . . Nutrition.

Based on my own experience, I couldn't agree more. No amount of exercise on its own has ever given me the performance, physique, and energy results as has integrating a balanced meal regimen in my life.

Will exercise on its own make you feel better? Yes.

Will you gain muscle and lose fat more quickly by exercising routinely? Absolutely.

But if you ignore the food component . . . thinking you can eat whatever you want as long as you workout every day . . . you'll never get the results you are looking for.  At least . . . that is . . .  if your goals include increased energy, improved body composition, and feeling your best.

As for how to achieve that Food Fitness, your path is probably as unique as your finger prints. But just as fingerprints have generalized patterns (e.g. loop, whorl, arch), so too do our food habits. 

Our FOOD-FIT clients are assessed on each of these five Food Habits:
1. Knowledge
2. Planning / Preparation
3. Choices
4. Trigger-Management
5. Recalibration

By doing this, we have a better sense of where they have the greatest opportunity for growth as well as which strengths can be relied upon.

This is a system that works for us.

What works for you?

I am awed every day by how many incredible minds there are in the world of fitness . . . exercise and food combined. Imagine the fitness field as a whole bunch of really caring exercise and food geeks standing at attention to serve you.

As for your role . . . it is to engage the system . . . allow yourself to be supported . . . and reap the benefits of your hard work.

- Coach Rebecca

[See below for more insight into Glassman's views on health]

Rebecca Boskovic