Rebecca Boskovic, owner and head coach at The Fittest Me is turning the average fitness program on its head. Instead of being pushed to get somewhere you're not, her focus is on learning where you are today and then making measured and gradual changes to increase strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity.

Based on her observations of others and her own experience as an athlete, Coach Rebecca understands that all lasting change has to originate from where we are today. By learning to accept our current strengths and limitations, we free ourselves to grow.

Trained in functional fitness and mobility, Rebecca has taken the best of what she has learned and made it wiser: through listening to our own bodies instead of doing something just because someone tells us to; by developing a growth mindset that encourages us to tackle the most challenging tasks; and in trusting our own body’s time table for growth.

my story

The youngest of three, my childhood was often spent catching up to my two older brothers. Whether it was fighting for the soccer ball in a pickup game before school, or chasing my brothers over ski jumps and through trees to get in one last run for the day, I learned to fight for what I wanted. Coming from a soccer-focused family meant that I eventually became a four season athlete: camps in the summer, traveling team in the fall, indoor soccer in the winter, and the school team in the spring. By the time I reached Sophomore year at St. Charles H.S., I was voted to be the team captain. Destined for a successful athletic career, my path was diverted due to a bout of depression that lasted for the remainder of high school. If I knew then what I know now, I would have stayed on my soccer path, and fought through the darker days. Instead, I gave into it, which only worsened my condition.

Leading into and throughout my adulthood, depression has been an on/off companion . . . peaking during the darker days of winter and nearly absent during the summer months. As a result, I’ve become a fan of the scientific method . . . to observe what works and what doesn’t to keep me feeling my best. This has led to over 20 years experience in using both exercise and whole foods to create a healthy, balanced life. It is with this eye towards balance we’ve formed our training methodology.

Whether we’re working with groups of kids or teens, families, or in personal training, our sessions include: warm-up, mobility work, skill development, strength training, and an anaerobic or aerobic workout. Additionally, we have ongoing conversations surrounding the power of a growth mindset and the importance of positive self-talk in the achievement of our goals.

It is through this balance that we maximize strength gains, minimize overuse injuries, and allow for recovery. Our bodies and minds are designed for this work. Let’s use common sense fitness to become the healthiest versions of ourselves to perform and feel our best.

- Coach Rebecca Boskovic, CF-L1 Trainer, and CFKids/Teens, CF Gymnastics, CF Aerobic Capacity Certified


Within my walls, these are the laws that govern:

  1. Above all-else there is love. No matter the heartache, love brings light to our lives

  2. The weak are to be protected. It is through proper guidance that our weaknesses can flourish into strengths. I make no space in my life for people who take advantage of the naive or vulnerable.

  3. We are all capable of change if we wish it to be. Of the many vehicles available to affect change, I find fitness to be one of the most effective . . . because we can harness the chemistry altering benefits of exercise as we also develop healthy self-talk.

  4. Our health is the most valuable thing we own. It is our responsibility to covet, protect, and nourish it.

  5. Be inclusive (yes, in direct contradiction to my claim in no.2 above about stiff arming jerks). Life is simply better when we include instead of exclude.

  6. Be truthful in word and action. It is far better to be disliked for who you are, than to be admired for what you’re not.

I carry these with me. They guide me as a wife, a parent, a friend, and as a coach. As my client, you will be cared for, supported, encouraged, stretched, and guided. As a result, possibly without even realizing it, you will find yourself becoming an increasingly better version of yourself . . . stronger . . . physically, mentally, and emotionally.

- Coach Rebecca


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