At The Fittest Me, we know that good intentions are no match for a lack of motivation.

For that reason, the base of our fitness pyramid is movement. Not diet. Not exercise.

Why? Because we are wired to move our bodies.
And our motivation is directly linked to that movement.

Our job at The Fittest Me is to make working out so fun, that
you can’t help yourself but to want to come back.

Here’s our Fitness Pyramid broken down by level

  1. all good things begin with movement

    • the most effective way to short-circuit negative thoughts is to move

    • with movement comes motivation

    • to remain motivated, we need to set achievable goals

    • achieving these goals creates a positive feedback loop

    • we will repeat what makes us feel good

  2. deliberate recovery is essential to achieving our fitness and life goals

    • the control tower of our CNS (Central Nervous System) must be protected

    • we need to carve out down time

    • quality sleep is critical to cognitive functioning

    • proper breathing is foundational to effective decision making

    • stress management will protect and improve our longevity

  3. we must fuel our body with quality food for a healthy metabolism

    • quality nutrition IN, quality energy OUT

    • we can only feel as good as our last meal

    • after a bad day of eating, it takes only a single meal to get back on track

    • proper nutrition can transform our lives

    • we can reverse the affects of aging with strategic food choices

  4. with an eye towards GPP (General Physical Preparedness) we achieve fitness for life

    • keep driving your efforts towards the ten components of physical fitness: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy

    • see fitness as a long-game rather than a quick fix

    • be the tortoise, and you will not be deterred by little set-backs

    • HIIT workouts 3x/week and strength training 2x/week shed fat, build lean muscle mass, and increase longevity

    • feel amazing on the inside, and you’ll learn to love what you see on the outside

  5. The Fittest Me is what we can achieve in taking daily action on steps 1-4

    • the fittest me utilizes movement to generate motivation…so that whenever we are anxious, depressed, or feeling lethargic, we spring to action rather than ruminate

    • the fittest me values and protects our central nervous system…so that our bodies can heal, repair, and recover before the next activity

    • the fittest me emphasizes a quality, balanced diet to harness the benefits of nutrient, vitamin, and antioxidant rich whole foods

    • the fittest me ensures that we have:

      • sufficient overall strength to stabilize against falls and enough pressing, pulling, and grip strength to get up if we do

      • maximum range of motion in the joints so that our bodies move with ease and minimal discomfort

      • the endurance and stamina to keep up with the daily demands of life

    being your version of
    the fittest me
    sets you up for success
    so that you can achieve the goals
    that are most meaningful to you . . .
    and in ministering to the world as only you are called to do