"I always feel known and heard in these walls . . . that what I need from day to day is being considered. I'm seen as more than a woman of my age with prior experiences. I  can trust that I'll be stretched to my limits without going beyond my abilities. Working out here has built my confidence. I appreciate the time you take to get to know me and where I'm coming from.”



“What I do in here informs the rest of my time . . . how I think and process stress . . . to help me take baby steps."


Rhonda and Don

"Always stimulating, never boring, not repetitive in always doing the same things.

 No frills down to business workout. Yet coaching to correct you to get the most benefit out of the exercise.

 Friendly, encouraging exercise no matter what your fitness or mobility level is. Makes you want to do your best." 



"The Fittest Me is great! The coaches show great enthusiasm towards the goals of each person...while running training sessions in a relaxed but motivating manner. They make me want to do my best!"



"I cannot believe the progress I made in one month! I've seen a lot of fitness coaches and they all end up doing the same tired routines. The Fittest Me is creative, thoughtful, and makes workouts that are fresh. They found new ways to push me. They are also so welcoming and make you want to do your best."



"After last week's class, I felt something in my legs. Then I realized, those are my thighs! 

I haven't felt those in a really long time."